Artist Statement



The oil paintings I create have a style that falls somewhere between figurative and abstract. I paint allowing color to define form, and as the painting progresses it doesn’t always resemble the original inspiration. I enjoy exploring the connections and associations between humans, the natural world, and Creator God. When these distinct entities interact I call it a trillaboration. I find many triads in life and incorporate them into my art.

Creating art is a transcending experience for me. I discovered this in junior high art class. Mr. Bill Vose and Ms. Grace Frielach-Grubb saw something in me that I didn't understand, but I loved their attention. They taught me to 'see'.


I am grateful for this.


I have tried and enjoyed printmaking, ceramics, photography, sculpture, but when I started painting I felt like I had found 'home'.


My instructors at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale subtly encouraged this path. Michael Onken taught me about oil painting. Herb Fink, my drawing instructor, once told me, "I can teach you everything you need to know about how to draw well. But you must promise me one thing; after I teach you, you must forget everything I have said and just draw." I didn't logically understand what he meant, yet his words resonated in my spirit and still do to this day.


I studied graphic design in order to support my fine art habit. I needed to find some way to use my creative tendencies in a career, and design seemed the logical choice.


The desire to absorb as much about art and design as I possibly could, led me to Chicago. I accepted a scholarship to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and jumped into discovering city-life. I studied design, photography, painting, and best of all Art History. As students, we had direct access to works of the Masters within the Art Institute which was incredible. The few years I spent living in Chicago have had a lasting impression. I was so distracted by all that the city had to offer, I decided to return to SIU-C, finish my degree, and then go back to Chicago. Life has a current all its own, and I was swept away by love.


I got married, expanded my life, and joined together with my husband on a new adventure. Making art was set aside while I figured out how to walk along side another on life's journey. I watched as he discovered his creative spirit and set forth to feed his own 'habit'. We were blessed with two children to come along on our ride.


Like friends separated by expanse, the occasional opportunities to create art came along intermittently. Those visits were so familiar to me, as if no time had passed between their absences.


My compulsion to paint has been a perpetual faint voice calling me. I can finally respond and invite it back into my daily life.

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